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Daily Read – Show Me Why I Should Buy

December 12, 2012

Show Me Why I Should Buy

Our biggest hurdle in sales could be ourselves. It is all too common for us to tell customers how they should feel, rather than showing them why they should feel that way. Simply telling the customer that your product is “exciting” or “unique” only communicates that YOU feel that way, not the customer. How do you show them why it’s exciting?

  1. Present a story or a fact that illustrates the emotional point you’re trying to make – Use a real example; a personal experience or customers experience that really shows emotion.
  2. Back up your story with additional facts or success stories. You will get excited and the customer will feel your enthusiasm.
  3. Illustrates the multi-facets of your product/service. Show the customer your product is exciting and unique or what separates you from your competition.

Using specific stories and examples are the key to drawing a picture that shows your customer why they should buy, without explicitly telling them.

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