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Craft the Perfect Presentation

December 13, 2012

Daily ReadCraft the Perfect Presentation

The first step in landing a big deal with a new client is getting them interested in what you have to offer by wetting their appetite for more information. Interest generation is the goal of your first presentation. Think of your presentation as your shop window, customer look at it and make decisions about who you are, what you do and if they want to deal with you. In order to perfect your presentation you need to help your clients avoid these two pitfalls:

  1. Asking the wrong question. The true (unasked) question is “what’s in this for me?” I really don’t care about how you execute only why they should let you.
  2. Telling prospects what you do, not what they need. The easiest way to do this is try to minimize the “we” (we do this…) and focus on the “you” (you could solve your problem with..; you could do this with that…). This switches the focus from how great we are, to how they (customers) are.

In the end you want to focus your presentation on why the prospect should choose you and make the presentation about their issues and problems–and how they can solve these.

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