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Don’t Be a Leader that Falls Flat on Your Face!

December 14, 2012

Daily ReadDon’t Be a Leader that Falls Flat on Your Face!

Most leaders believe that being a leader is intuitive, but you can read tons of books and attend just as many leadership seminars, and still have trouble getting your employees to follow you. Perhaps you are making one of these five common errors:

  1. Trying to lead before establishing credibility. Credibility, like trust, can only be earned over time. If you’ve got a track record of success, you’ll need to communicate clearly why that success is still relevant.
  2. Trying to lead before there’s a relationship. You need to build a personal connection.  You need to show you truly care about your employees by having an honest curiosity about them, their ideas and work.
  3. Having a wildly different belief system. Conflicting beliefs create conflicting behaviors.  You have 2 choices – 1. Replace your employees with people who share your beliefs or 2. Change your beliefs to match your employees’.
  4. Having goals that are incompatible. If you want to be a real leader, you and your employees must have compatible (although not necessarily identical) compensation plans, career development opportunities, and risk/reward trade-offs.
  5. Communicating YOUR way not THEIR way. You must use the vocabulary and style of communication that’s most common among your employees for them to understand you.

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