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How Smart Are You?

December 15, 2012

Daily Read – How Smart Are You?

There are 5 things that really smart people do without thinking too much about it. As we get older learning takes more work, and since the need for learning never ends, we’re always looking at ways to improve. Let’s take a look at 5 methods to help you stay open and impressionable as you age. Keep track of how many you practice and see how smart you really are:

  1. Quiet your inner voice – It’s the little voice that offers a running commentary when you are listening to someone. Focus less on what your brain has to say and more on the speaker.
  2. Argue with yourself – If you can’t quiet the inner voice, at least use it to your advantage. Every time you hear yourself contradicting the speaker, stop and take the other point of view; opening yourself up.
  3. Act like you are curious – Some people are naturally curious and others are not. No matter which category you are in you can benefit from behaving like a curious person.
  4. Find the kernel of truth – No concept or theory comes out of thin air. Even if you don’t buy into the idea, you should at least identify the little bit of truth; it will enhance your deduction skills!
  5. Focus on the message not the messenger – you probably know the communicator can impact your learning. Separate the material from the provider.

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  1. Love it! “Focus on the message not the messenger”


    • Thanks for the comment Patrick! I’m glad you enjoyed it!


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