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Embrace Change – Calmly

December 16, 2012

Daily ReadEmbrace Change – Calmly

Change is inevitable. Whether it’s in your business, personal life or the economy and sometime we battle it unnecessarily. Here are 5 tips to help you embrace change – calmly.

  1. Attack Change Head On. Don’t wait for change to happen, watch for it and anticipate it. This will help you be prepared to handle the best and worst case scenarios.
  2. Grab a Guide. Engage people who can help you manage the changes, whether it’s someone who has been through the same process or just a supportive colleague or friend.
  3. Rip Off the Rear View Mirror. In other words, look only forward. Keeping your eyes ahead will help you focus mental energy on creating the new reality.
  4. Keep Your Sense of Humor. Change can be messy so kkeep a light attitude. Laugh at your missteps and enjoy the scenery along the way.
  5. Celebrate Your Progress. Change is hard, but it’s not an endless path of suffering. You can make a little less painful by celebrating the milestones. You will find yourself looking forward to the next milestone!

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