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Where Did You Find That Client?

December 20, 2012

Daily Read – Where Did You Find That Client?

Every marketing or sales person probably has their crazy story of where they met a client or closed a sale. Some folks just enjoy unconventional methods for connecting with new customers. Here are 3 oddball antics to put to work for your business:

  1. Make house calls. If you have a unique product that works best when tried to be sold, you might try house calls. This direct to customer approach can help boost your prospects via word of mouth from your happy customers themselves.
  2. Offer unlimited service. Being a “good citizen” when it comes to your business is just good business sense. If you have the opportunity to help out non-customers (along with your existing customers) you can earn a slew of business from the good PR (besides you feel good!).
  3. Differentiate your direct mail. “Think outside the box” may be a cliché, but it’s exactly what you need to do when it comes to direct mail marketing. Instead of conventional mailing consider something unique that represents your marketing campaign, product or concept. (For example: a single roofing shingle inscribed with the words “My Company + Your Company = sales through the roof.”).

The key to unconventional customer acquisition is to remember to keep it about the customers. Think about their needs and make them laugh. Once you have them, provide exceptional service so they stick around and help you bring in new customers.

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