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Networking 101: The Awkward Holiday Parties

December 21, 2012

Daily ReadNetworking 101: The Awkward Holiday Parties

The party-mania this time of year can be difficult for introverts, but a necessary burden for the entrepreneur. Not to say you don’t love the seasonal cheer and a good networking opportunity as much as the next person, but all that small talk can be about as appealing as getting a root canal for Christmas. Here’s how to make your experience more fruitful:

  1. Forget Fashionably Late.  Fewer people arrive at events exactly on time, so it will be a much more introvert-friendly experience, than entering a crowded room filled with people 45 minutes later. If it’s a sit down meal, be one of the first to sit down allowing other to join you.
  2. Avoid Idle Hands.  Host the party of offer to help the host, keeping busy and mingling with a purpose (offering drinks, helping serve the food, etc.).
  3. Practice.  Frame some possible questions and their responses at home before you go. Don’t worry about trying to memorize your responses (more stress!); the idea is to have some open ended questions and more than a one word response.
  4. Pace Yourself.  Pick and choose your parties. No introvert is going to love going to parties every night of the holiday season. If you get overwhelmed, step out of the room for 5 or 10 minutes to take a break.

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