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Make Your Own Rules

December 23, 2012

Daily DigestMake Your Own Rules

Sometimes blazing your own trail means throwing out the rule book and creating your own rules. Instead of going with outdated assumptions and ideas, accept the risks that come with being independent. Here are 4 ways you may want to change the rules you’re currently following:

Have Multiple CEO’s. This may not be a new idea for you. To make it successful, you need to meet regularly to keep the big picture in focus.Only discuss large goals, rather than getting bogged down over-communicating day-to-day management issues. See my blog “Can You Have More Than One Person in the “Top Job”?“ for more details.

Make your direct-mail marketing stand out from the rest. Get your marketing team to rethink traditional marketing avenues. ”Step outside the box.” See my blog “Where Did You Find That Client?“.

Communicate openly when a referral goes wrong. Networking is not a new concept, but with social media we are making more connections and recommendations than ever. It’s probably time to develop a protocol for when a referral drops the ball.

Pause…especially before making a big change like dumping a client. We tend to move quickly from one problem to the next- more so today, than say ten years ago.  When the issue is letting go of a client (as necessary as you think it might be), the loss of business will probably mean taking a hit to your bottom line. Assess how much damage will be done before pulling the trigger. Looking twice may cause you to reconsider.

For more details on these tips read:



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