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Is Business Traveling a Thorn in Your Side?

December 24, 2012

Daily Reads – Is Business Traveling a Thorn in Your Side?

Frequent traveling can be exhausting and stressful, but if you incorporate these travel tips you may actually begin to enjoy it! (Maybe!)

  1. Loyalty wins. Upgrades rule. Stay loyal, and airlines and hotels will treat you well.
  2. Streamline. Never, ever check a bag. Get everything what you need in a carry-on bag (and trust me, you can still look just fine!).
  3. Back it up. Computers and technology malfunction. Keep your sanity and back everything up and carry on.
  4. Stay alert. To avoid jetlag: 1) Change your watch the morning of your trip to get on the new time zone; 2) if possible, take a swim right after you check in; or 3) drink a 5-hour energy or large cup of coffee.
  5. Look around. Even on the most frantic of trips, try to take 60 minutes to check out the city and enjoy the amazing scenery. You may never get back there!
  6. Smile. Be nice to everyone.  Remember – You’ll “get more bees with honey”! Plus, you’ll just enjoy everything more.

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