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Have You Prioritized Your Goals?

December 26, 2012

Daily ReadHave You Prioritized Your Goals?

Focusing on results produced, rather than hours worked is an effective strategy for increasing performance and productivity. There are 6 simple steps to make sure you’re focused on the goals and tasks that matter most:

1. Write everything down.  Include routine tasks (daily and weekly) and long term projects. Then add short-term and long term career goals (skills, advancement, etc.).

2. Organize by time horizon.  Divide the list into 3 categories:

  • Career aims:Long-term goals over at least five years.
  • Objectives: Professional goals over the next three months to two years.
  • Targets: Action steps that should guide your work on a weekly or daily basis–for example, finishing one part of a larger project.

3. Rank you objectives.  What you want to do, what you’re good at, and what the world needs from you are 3 distinct things. Rank these objectives – starting with what you want to accomplish the most -first, followed by what you’re good at. Then ask yourself what change you could make to help achieve success (with your business’ objectives in mind).

4. Rank your targets. Decide which category your targets or actions steps fall into:  1. enabling (which help you accomplish your objective) or 2. assigned (which are given to you). Once in the appropriate category, rank them by priority.

5. Estimate how you spend your time.  Once you’ve ranked your objectives and targets, determine how effectively your schedule matches your high-priority goals.

6. Address the mismatch.  You will probably find you’re spending half you time (at most) on your high priority objectives and targets. Now you can adjust your time to focus on your most important goals.

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