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Has Your Creativity Dried Up Like a Desert? Make it Flow Again

December 28, 2012

Daily Read – Has Your Creativity Dried Up Like a Desert? Make it Flow Again

Did you know that the idea for Disneyland’s Magic Kingdom was born while Walt Disney was on a family vacation in Europe? It’s not uncommon for great ideas to be inspired by everyday life events. “Innovation is not about how smart you are; it’s about the hunt for ideas.” Here are 3 tips to help you re-program your mind to bring new opportunities to light:

  1. Keep a list of opportunities. Carry a Field Notes book and keep a running list of jobs that others have abandoned, ignored or failed to address effectively (star the ones that really frustrate you!).
  2. Hunt for ideas in diverse places. Creativity is spurred by novelty and diversity – so get out and do something new or see something you’ve never seen before.
  3. Notice how others solve business problems. Developing a habit of noticing problems and their solutions opens your mind to better solutions or unique problems that haven’t been solved yet.

And by all means let me know what your next great invention or business idea is!

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