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There’s no way you can work only 40 hours a week! Or is there?

December 30, 2012

Daily ReadThere’s no way you can work only 40 hours a week! Or is there?

Once you’ve made the move into management or as a business owner, you probably think “gone are the days of 40 hour work-weeks!” But, making a few changes and allowing yourself to control your destiny and not let your job, company or goals control you, can lead you to a more stress-free and happy new year. Keep your sanity as you move into 2013 with these tips on taming your workweek:

Busy periods are inevitable.  Committing to working 40-45 hours a week as a general rule, makes it easier to charge full steam ahead when the busy periods hit (here or there) when you must work 60+ hours.

Too many must-dos.  Take a serious look at your commitments and cut out the ones that are not essential. If you still can’t manage the must-dos in a 40-hour week, you need to look at the expectations you have of yourself. Perhaps hire an assistant or new employee to handle some of the extra tasks.

Anxiety over the work. One of your biggest objections to limiting your hours may be the urge to work more. Build extra time into deadlines, and let go when you hire someone else to do the work. Filling your extra time with activities with friends and family will help take your mind off the work until it becomes a habit.

Setting limits will help you take time for yourself when at home while feeling less guilty and stressed about “what you should be doing” with regards to work. Give yourself time to adjust to your new arrangement and you will truly enjoy your “new found time”!

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