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Resolutions vs. Goals

December 31, 2012

Daily ReadResolutions vs. Goals

It’s that time of year again – everyone is thinking about what resolutions they want to make for changes in the New Year. The bigger question is -do you want to make a resolution (which is somewhat akin to a wish) or do you actually want to set a goal? Resolutions tend to be somewhat more general or conceptual – vow to pay off debts, make more sales, or cut back on hours. While goals are specific and tend to be more task driven. To truly achieve your goal (or resolution if you are so apt to call it) you need to have a specific end in mind. Here are a few simple steps to reaching your New Year’s Goal:

  1. Set and state a (reasonable) goal. (For example decrease you work-week to 45 hours).
  2. Make sure your goals are measurable. (Increase sales vs. increase sales by 5% each quarter).
  3. Outline the plan. This includes writing down the tasks, employees, and means to track the goals. Keep in mind there may need to be an adjustment as you move toward your goal. That’s okay! Better to adjust than throw the goal out the window.
  4. Reward yourself and team! Include a reward at the end of the rainbow for your success. Post your goals and successes as you move through the year.

Setting New Year’s Goals can be a great way to motivate yourself and your team. So, go ahead and set some goals and this time next year you’ll be not only reveling in your successes, but learning from your misses


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