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The Media Can Do More Than Inform Us – It Can Teach Us to Market Too!

January 2, 2013

Daily PressThe Media Can Do More Than Inform Us – It Can Teach Us to Market Too!

There have been a ton of changes in media this year – from new devices to responsive advertising to the importance of imagery on social networks. Innovation in media is usually quite quick and the trends are usually seen in marketing shortly afterwards. Here are 3 things media has learned in 2012 that marketers need to pay attention to this year:

  1. Integration Is the Way of the future. Marketing plans of 2013 should include advertising, social media, PR and events all working together toward your brand goals, and speaking the same language everywhere.
  2. Get Comfortable With Rapid Response and Have a Plan B. The best plans of 2013 have to be seen as the first draft, with the expectation that things will change quickly. Having a rapid response plan and the ability to call in quick changes is a must.
  3. Design Is the Next Killer App, Embrace It. In the physical world, packaging and design matters. Consumers like pretty and interesting things. If the majority of potential new customers will likely first experience your brand online, you need to adjust your focus and think as much about your online design.

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