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Promote Your Business by Being a Good Story Teller

January 4, 2013

Daily ReadPromote Your Business by Being a Good Story Teller

Every start up or small business has a story to tell, something that will connect potential customers to your brand. As an owner or leader you have unique opportunities to connect to potential clients and existing customers using social media – to express your companies’ core values.Use these 3 tips to express your core values and reach your customers:

  1. Define your value in human terms.  Your real value is in what you believe in, not how you make a sale. You want to find what makes your business unique and valuable – how you make others’ lives better.
  2. Establish common language. Ask around (from CEO to general employee) and come up with 5 adjectives describing the company and two aspects of the business that are unique or valuable. From there create a common language describing who you are.
  3. Give your brand a human voice. Once you know why you matter and how to describe your value – choose the type of person you want to deliver the message (masculine/feminine, mainstream/quirky, opinionated/open-minded, etc).

The most successful brands in the social market place have humanized their business and created stories that relate to the customer base.

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  1. Thanks very interesting blog!


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