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New Year, New Business, New Name

January 5, 2013

Daily ReadNew Year, New Business, New Name

You’ve got your business plan, start-up strategy and a company name. Now you want to start marketing and branding your new company and you realize the name doesn’t make sense. Here’s how to pick a company name that is a great fit for the awesome, new business you’re starting:

You have two options: Name it something relevant or something extremely catchy. Option 1 is simple and straightforward, and may even mention the industry in the title (ex: Culligan Water). Option 2 will mean it will be more of an uphill climb to brand your company, but worth it when you get there (ex: Piperlime).

KISS: Keep it Short and Simple. Think forward – URL length, signage, simple pronunciation, etc. 10 letters or less is best. Name retention is what you want.

The FONT: Simple and Eye Catching. Think along the lines of the same idea as KISS.  Simple may seem boring however you’ll want to avoid choosing a font that is overly thin or ornate. You’ll want something that is easily reproduced in different mediums and sizes.

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  1. i dont believe much in names and logos,its all about the brand power.once you have created a company,and your products reache customers needs ,then they will trust your company ..whatever the name and logo be


  2. I like “KISS: Keep it Short and Simple. “


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