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Is It Possible to be a Stress-Free Workaholic?

January 8, 2013

Daily ReadIs It Possible to be a Stress-Free Workaholic?

The complexity, competitiveness, rate of change, and communication overload of modern business life mean one thing: If you want to win, you’ve got to learn to manage stress. Here are a few strategies for managing your stress and to be a high-functioning and effective workaholic if you so choose to be!

  1. Work your tail off when you have to, not when you don’t.
  2. Learn to give up–sort of. When you’re feeling overstressed, overworked or uninspired – give up (for the afternoon or day!) go home, go for a run, relax; inspiration will begin to flow again.
  3. Strategize and plan. Things often become overwhelming because of day-to-day inertia. Take a step back and gain some perspective – with your team or alone and brainstorm and strategize over a nice meal.
  4. Mix business with pleasure. Enjoy time outside the office with your team – dinner, or taking breaks, just goofing around. The boost in morale will do wonders.
  5. Don’t leave things for the last minute.
  6. Don’t take it out on others. This is a quick way to de-motivate your employees (and push away your family and friends).
  7. Lots of outlets work–pick one or two. Healthy outlets! Exercise, meditation, scrabble, etc. – whatever works.

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