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A 4-Hour Workweek? Get Real!

January 12, 2013

Daily Read A 4-Hour Workweek? Get Real!

Maybe the old saying “if you want to get anywhere in life, you’ve got to work your tail off” is a bit extreme, but so is the idea of working 4 hours a week and being successful. If you want a window into what it really takes to make it in the real world–as an entrepreneur, in a start-up or running a small business—then take a look at these observations:

 You get out what you put in. Work as smart as you want, but unless you figure out how to clone yourself, you’ve still got to do the work–and a lot of it if you want a lot in return. There are no silver bullets.

The “4-Hour Workweek” is, in fact, a myth. Show me a single person–entrepreneur, executive, manager, engineer, small business owner, you name it–who made what anyone reading this would consider to be a good living by working less than 40 or 50 hours a week.

 Successful people don’t quit while they’re ahead. Why? I guess they like what they’re doing! Passion turns into success and that makes work less like work, and more like fun.

 Don’t work as hard as you should–work as hard as you have to. It should never feel like you’re working harder than you should if you aren’t. You should always work as hard as you need to, to achieve your goals, for yourself and for your company.

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