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Do They Say You’re Too Young to Lead? Not If You’re Prepared!

January 13, 2013

Daily ReadDo They Say You’re Too Young to Lead? Not If You’re Prepared!

The young people in today’s workplace are ready to lead.  Emergent leadership is about team members taking the initiative to accept more responsibility and perform work outside of their general roles. If we, as leaders, encourage and promote this type of drive, our young team members will be ready to rise within the organization, and our companies will be better off for it. Here are 4ways we can prepare our young people for leadership:

  1. Showcase their talent. Show them off, encourage them to contribute to company blogs, speak at conferences, and even be the face of your company.
  2. Manage them, not their work. Make sure you have the right people in the right job, then set boundaries and step back. Let them be innovative and develop new processes, systems and methodologies.
  3. Let them fail. Encourage your young leaders to take calculated risks when appropriate, while providing guidance, leadership and coaching when things do go as planned.
  4. Link their effort to tangible results. As you develop leaders, give them goals and milestones to hit so they understand the roadmap for success. And let them know how their efforts affect the company.

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