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Are You Impatient? Learn to Manage It!

January 15, 2013

Daily ReadAre You Impatient? Learn to Manage It!

Frustrated by your own impatience and the pace of others? While impatience creates a feeling of anxiety and stress it also creates drive, speed and action. Just make sure you don’t lose valuable opportunities due to impatience. Here are three ways to cope and make time your friend.

  1. Reward and Reflect on Midpoint Milestones. Every midpoint is an opportunity to reward the performance of the people involved helping to motivate their ongoing efforts. The larger the project the more steps you have to get there.
  2. Bring Friends Along For the Ride. Include friends and colleagues on your journey. Spend time on the phone and in person discussing plans and soliciting support and response. It will soften your anxiety and frustration.
  3. Engage in Alternative Activities. When others are your source of impatience, sometimes it’s best to back off, disengage and find alternative activities (such as engaging in a professional organization or learning a new skill) to occupy yourself.

Managing your impatience and applying the proper amount of energy to a project will allow it to takes its natural course and achieve exponential results. Forcing it to move at an unrealistic pace is like trying to teach a pig to sing!

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