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Desperation Isn’t Pretty

January 17, 2013

Daily ReadDesperation Isn’t Pretty

In the face of hopelessness, frustration, and obstacles, it’s all too easy to make only a token decision, and then hide under the veneer of “at least we got something done.” Acting from a position of desperation is not the same as trying to achieve a rational, well-thought-out compromise. In many spheres, the pressure to get something done can lead to a sense of desperation, impacting the quality of leadership decisions. When you find yourself in a corner step back and consider these five points:

  1. Avoid making symbolic moves. Certain actions may make you look busy, but at what price?
  2. Appreciate that no action is action.
  3. Do not lose sight of quantitative numbers. Make an effort to leave your emotions on the side when you gather, compute, and analyze the relevant numbers.
  4. Keep your ego in check. Before moving forward make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons, and don’t let your personal feelings (ego) unnecessarily influence your judgment.
  5. Don’t get carried away with the doomsday metaphor! In spite of your feelings that no action or decision will cause the world to crumble around you – it won’t.

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