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FOCUS! By Staying Away From These Time Wasters

January 18, 2013

Daily ReadFOCUS!  By Staying Away From These Time Wasters

You need laser-like focus if you want to succeed in business or as an entrepreneur. You need to be able to create, develop, market innovative and unique solutions to problems better and cheaper or easier than your competitors all while pleasing your customers and making a profit!  To accomplish all these things and to overcome the feelings of a lack of focus avoid these 10 things right now:

  1. Wasting time online.
  2. Looking for a quick fix.
  3. Building your “personal brand”.
  4. Playing small ball (or do things halfway).
  5. Networking randomly online.
  6. Trolling for Twitter followers.
  7. Wanting stuff – necessity is the mother of invention.
  8. Ask people how they can help you.
  9. Coming up with useless ideas.
  10. Searching for inspiration and positive reinforcement.

One more thing – stop trying to be more productive. Our obsession with personal productivity is, ironically, one of the biggest timewasters ever!

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