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Getting Back to Basics – The Art of Negotiating

January 21, 2013

Daily ReadThe Art of Negotiating

For many, the word negotiating brings images of a painful process or tactics to overcome the surrender of price and terms. The art of negotiating can escape even the best sales people because few take the time to correctly understand the word. In reality, the term negotiate means ”to continue to do business by conferring with one another to arrive at an agreement” or more simply to come to an agreement by building value in your offer. Let’s look at 3 golden rules of negotiating.

  1. Always Start the Negotiations. You must initiate the process because whoever controls the start of the negotiations tends to control where they end. (Tip: avoid questions like what is your budget – which puts the client in control).
  2. Always Negotiate in Writing. The purpose of negotiations is to arrive at a formal written agreement, not tell a story or spend time talking. From the first moment you make a proposal, refer to a document that is being created in front of the client. This way you are prepared to ask for a signature the moment the decision to buy is made.
  3. Always Stay Cool. Great negotiators know how to stay cool, providing leadership and solutions, while the rest of the room becomes insanely invested in personal agendas and useless emotions. Stay calm and use logic to negotiate and close.

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