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Do You Have An Onboarding Program?

January 23, 2013

Daily ReadDo You Have An Onboarding Program?

Many young organizations onboard employees by working “over the shoulders” of fellow colleagues. While this may work with a small company, it becomes increasingly difficult as you grow. We all want our next hire to be successful, so follow these onboarding program ideas:

  1. Set aside an entire week for onboarding.  Making this small investment up front will make your new employee more productive. It takes an entire week to properly introduce employees to the organization and to fully understand the brand.
  2. Provide upfront brand training. This will give new employees the ability to talk about your brand intelligently and from the heart and it will help maintain consistency throughout the organization.
  3. Use your top performers as trainers. A full-time onboarding training staff isn’t necessary for small companies; top performers are usually capable of contributing to your onboarding process. Seek out your most enthusiastic, engaging, experienced and passionate top performers.
  4. Make departmental introductions.  This allows employees to understand how they fit into the big picture and understand the functions and purpose of each department.
  5. Don’t forget to have fun! Employee onboarding training can be entertaining and inspiring. This can include games, quizzes and contests. The idea is to keep new employees engaged and excited about their new jobs.

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