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Is KISS Really the Best Approach to Marketing?

January 27, 2013

Daily ReadIs KISS Really the Best Approach to Marketing?

Keep It Simple Stupid has become a popular slogan to remind us to simplify, but it’s probably not the best approach to marketing. A better slogan may by “Assume the reader knows nothing, but don’t assume the reader is stupid.” In other words, deconstruct the complex to make it easily understood, but don’t dumb it down. Here is a checklist to keep it simple when marketing without getting stupid:

  1. Speak your customer’s language. How do your customers describe your products? What words do they use? Be sure to use the same ones. For instance, you may call your service professional services development when your customers call it training or virtual seminars. Knowing their language is key to being visible in on-line searches.
  2. Solve problems. Your value is not in what you do–your value is in what you do for others. So, don’t just talk about your product’s features; rather, talk about what those features can accomplish for your customers.
  3. Make the customer the hero of your story. The best marketing has a human element to it. Your customers are people, which means they will relate better to your story if it’s somehow about them.
  4. Anticipate needs. Anticipate his or her questions and answer them ahead of time, through the content you create (blog posts, FAQs, e-books, etc.). Create marketing content that is honest, empathetic to the needs and wants of customers. Your marketing content is on the front lines, playing the role a sales rep might have played in the pre-digital era.

Remember – No one will complain because you made something too easy to understand.

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