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Change the Way You’re Thinking – Big Time

January 28, 2013

Daily ReadChange the Way You’re Thinking – Big Time

Many people are enamored by big ideas, but it’s really difficult for most people or teams to let their minds go free and go large. It’s not surprising. People are so often focused on the day-to-day small stuff that they struggle with thinking in an expansive manner. If all your ideas seem small and boring here’s three tips that will get you to the BIG idea:

  1. Create Specified Time for Thinking. Set aside 90 minutes, two hours or even a day to tackle a problem and then use the entire time. Don’t head for the door after the first good idea!
  2. Encourage Outside Learning. The more information in the room, the broader the brainstorm. Give team members time and resources to grow, learn, and explore.
  3. Reward Expansive Results. Track the results of all progress made from expansive thinking sessions. Reward the teams and celebrate the accomplishments. Emphasize the process and how it helped make everyone’s life better. A culture that rewards big ideas will attract and maintain more expansive thinkers.

To understand the cause and benefits of thinking small (thus helping you to think bigger) read the entire article at:


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