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Build Your Legacy

February 5, 2013

Daily Read – Build Your Legacy

Leaving a legacy isn’t just about people remembering who you are – it’s about making an impact on people (and organizations or the world) that lasts even after one’s gone. What is it about some leaders that enable them to leaving a lasting legacy? Some of it, of course is simple exposure. For some they just do a better job than others building and instilling a legacy. If you want to leave behind more than just a memory, and genuinely make a long term change, here’s how:

  1. Know what matters. You don’t want to leave behind a legacy by accident and until you know, clearly and unambiguously, what you want your legacy to be, it’s tough, to begin building it. The foundation of building a legacy is a deep sense of knowing–not just knowing what is important to you, but what is non-negotiable.
  2. Get off the front line. Take a look at that list of non-negotiables – it won’t take root in your organization and build your legacy if you’re stuck managing the day to day details. If you’re serious about leaving a leadership legacy, you need to get out of the front line and spend time – lots of time – with people.
  3. Nauseate yourself. Seem strange? Well, here’s the thing: If you spend time with truly great leaders, leaders who are building a lasting legacy, you’ll notice they all have one thing in common. They repeat their non-negotiables endlessly, ceaselessly, ad nauseum. They do so verbally, and by example, over and over and over. When the sound of your own voice repeating the same basic principles one more time makes you feel sick, then you’ve started the construction of your legacy.
  4. Leave. Ready for a statement of the stunningly obvious? Leaving a legacy behind requires you to no longer be there. Sadly, many leaders miss this vital point, and hang around too long; lingering until the point when what would have been a towering legacy is diminished by time (you especially see this in sports!).

Once you’re at the top, quit, step away, and go transform some other part of your life!

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