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Everyone Loves a Positive Person

February 7, 2013

Daily ReadEveryone Loves a Positive Person

Some people are natural optimist but for others who don’t always see the sunny side you may need to train your brain for positivity. Our brains are wired to master skills when repeated over and over again.  Like learning a new language or sport, we can retrain the brain to scan for the good things in life—to help us see more possibility, to feel more energy, and to succeed at higher levels. Follow these simple steps daily to start seeing the positive side of things!

  1. Scan for the 3 daily positives. At the end of each day, make a list of three specific good things that happened that day and reflect on what caused them to happen. Small pluses count!
  2. Give one shout-out to someone (daily). Take the positive things you’re getting better at recognizing and let people know you’ve noticed. Take a minute to say thanks or recognize someone for their efforts, from friends and family to people at work. This can be a phone call or email.
  3. Do something nice. Acts of kindness boost happiness levels. Something as small and simple as making someone smile works or buying someone a cup of coffee.
  4. Mind your mind. Mindfulness is paying attention to the present moment without judgment. Opening our awareness beyond the narrowness of negativity can help bring back more balance and positivity into the picture.

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