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Lateness Can Blow Up Your Business

February 8, 2013

Daily ReadLateness Can Blow Up Your Business

Some people might say they’re late because they get involved in something and just can’t extract themselves. Or they feel they work crazy hours so they’re exempt from the clock. Many consider tardiness to be extremely disrespectful. People who ignore time constraints can be a drain on your business. Here’s why…

  1. You’ll lose money because being late means a loss of productivity.
  2. You’ll ruin your image. When you tell a client or a supplier that you will meet at a certain time, and then you don’t show up at the appointed hour, you put a dent in your credibility. A business that is committed to a customer or partner shows that commitment by showing up as agreed upon.
  3. You’ll decrease your efficiency. Making sure your staff has the right amount of workload to be able to complete tasks on time is important – being late because of a lack or organization or consistently late – can have a negative effect on projects, colleagues and customers.

Companies that have staying power are companies that do everything–not just launch products and deliver merchandise (though that’s crucial, too)–in a timely manner.

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  1. I totally agree with this post. I have no tolerance for it. My attitude with lateness is… be on time or don’t bother… ever… again.
    Unless you have an absolutely good reason and call beforehand to reschedule or advise I will not invite you or do business with you again. There are many others who do respect peoples time and they are the ones I will happily deal with..


    • Thanks for the comment!


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