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Do Your Co-Workers Really Annoy You?

February 11, 2013

Daily Read Do Your Co-Workers Really Annoy You?

Maybe you’ve always dreamt about working with your best friend or spouse, after all you think alike and can inspire and motivate each other. Or maybe not. Maybe what you should do is work with someone who drives you insane.  Why? Because what you really need is to respect each other – even if you don’t enjoy spending time together, respect is all you need. It can even be a benefit. Here’s why…

  1. You like different things, so you see different things. A partner, or an employee, whose viewpoint is different from yours will see things you cannot. She will see areas that you are weak in and you will see areas where she is weak. You will see different things and this is beneficial.
  2. You’re not distracted by social lures. You don’t stop working on a project to plan your weekend activities. Your relationship will be built around the business and the business only.
  3. It’s easier to terminate a relationship. If your relationship is purely business, if it’s not working out, it’s easier to part ways.
  4. Smart is better than yes. You need to surround yourself with smart people, not necessarily with people you want to go to lunch with. You need people who will challenge you, make you think harder and that will point out the flaws that you’d otherwise overlook.
  5. Respect is key. If you are so annoyed by this person that you are yelling, the business relationship won’t work out. You must respect each other, be polite and listen to what the other person has to say. But, you don’t need to be friends.

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