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Be a Rock Star Employee

February 13, 2013

Daily ReadBe a Rock Star Employee

If you love a fast paced and unpredictable environment then a start-up is the place for you – but to thrive in this exciting culture you need to be a special kind of person.  The best employees share some common traits that can be viewed as “indicators” for success at a start-up.

  1. 80/20 Vision. 20 percent of your work input accounts for 80 percent of your results. A Rock Star employee has the ability to prioritize according to this rule will help the organization work faster and smarter.
  2. Thick Skin. The best employees are the ones that brazenly fight for a good idea and boldly say no to a low priority request. They don’t worry very much about perceived impertinence or hurting anybody’s feelings, nor do they take anything too personally.
  3. Resilience. Failure happens, they learn from their mistakes, but they don’t expend too much time or energy reflecting back. Instead, they are already looking forward.
  4. Ownership. An attitude that fully embraces the young companies vision, how they can affect customers and are ever curious about the industry, coming up with new ideas.
  5. Sense of Humor. They know how to defuse tense situations, they find fun in the big challenges, and ultimately they help to make the company a place that people want to work.

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