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Treat Your Employees like Family

February 15, 2013

Daily ReadTreat Your Employees like Family

Applying some basic family principles to your employees can go a long way to improving loyalty and retention–especially during tough times. Inevitably there are peaks and valleys, disputes among employees or the need for advice (both professional and personal). At times you may feel like a parent providing for their children.  Here are 3 basic family principles that you can use to lead your team through the inevitable ups and downs of business – just like a family.

  1. Open Communication. Employees who believe they are “in the know” are more likely to believe they are a valued member of the team. During tough times, make sure there are plenty of opportunities to answer questions and alleviate concerns. During good times, openly share new client wins, or pop the bubbly when revenue targets are reached. Find reason to celebrate as a team.
  2. “Family Time”. Every now and then it’s smart to take breaks, recharge, and reconnect as a team. Spending some quality R&R can boost moral or even mend some fractured relationships.
  3. Care.  Take time to listen to your employees, understand their career objectives, and show that you care enough to help and you’re likely to see better employee engagement and retention rates.

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