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Achieve Your (Huge) Goals

February 19, 2013

Daily ReadAchieve Your Goals

Big goals can become big wins when achieved, but sometimes they seem a bit like pie in the sky or too far-fetched to ever really win the support of your team.  If you are a young entrepreneur or a startup, you need to project ambitious ideals to create buzz and motivate others. Here are five tips to help you set and achieve outsized goals:

  1. Establish big and small goals. Setting easily achievable, realistic goals is great, but they should be set in conjunction with immense aspirations — a.k.a. goals that seem impossible but challenge and inspire you.
  2. Be practical. A big goal should be big for you. Maybe something just a little out of reach. The big goal functions as an inspirational tool.
  3. Aim for simplicity. A big goal shouldn’t be needlessly complex. But don’t confuse clarity with lack of risk. Think big, imagine grand possibilities and take those risks with excitement and dedication.
  4. Divide and conquer. Mange your huge goals by breaking them down into smaller parts. Every action you take should be contributing in some way to these larger ideas.
  5. Identify weaknesses and strengths. Another reason for setting huge goals is you’ll begin to locate areas in need of improvement. You’ll be forced to move fast, not look back and strive toward success. When you’re working this hard, your weaknesses will be revealed and you can jump on them immediately. You’ll also notice in which areas you’re particularly strong.

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