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Is Technology Hurting Your Connections?

February 20, 2013

Daily ReadIs Technology Hurting Your Connections?

Personal connections are the key to happiness, even in the workplace. With the internet, texting, tweeting it’s no wonder the dynamics of our business relationships have changed. To foster connection with your co-workers and among your staff, you should place an emphasis on face-to-face communication and meaningful conversation. A sense of connection not only makes us happier but is also benefits creativity and strategic thinking. But how can you lead a more connected company?

  1. Notice your daily connections. Most moments of connection go unrecognized; to help you notice them, at the end of each day ask yourself, who did I really connect with today? What were we doing? What did I feel? Just notice that it happened.
  2. Spend more time face to face. We use physical and verbal cues to establish a connection with someone else, so we need to talk in person. Make an effort to have meaningful conversations every day. Just laughing at a funny video together is a moment of connection.
  3. Practice meditation.  Meditation trains you to be more open to moments of connection, which causes a ripple effect in your company or social circle.

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  1. Very nice article. I certainly appreciate this site.


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