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What You Need is More Time to Think

February 22, 2013

Daily ReadWhat You Need is More Time to Think

You’ve heard of the need of quiet time, alone time, one-on –one time, but what about “thinking time”? Without a doubt, the explosion of the Internet and mobile technology has made business faster, more efficient and less expensive. That’s the good news. The bad news is that all this speed and accessibility, answering emails, calls and texts, creates an awful lot of clutter, mental and otherwise. Here a few tips to help keep a focus on the big picture for business, while remaining accessible.

Set accomplishments for the day – Take ten minutes in the morning to consider your goals/objectives for the day. Ask yourself what you want to achieve?

Identify tasks that are best completed offline – Block out quality work time where you can focus and be creative: time away from email, away from IM and away from the phone.

Manage interruptions – when an employee stops in your office judge the severity of the issue and then act accordingly. But you shouldn’t constantly stop what you are doing just because someone asks you to.

Take a break – A brief, planned change in your environment can do wonders for your productivity. Stroll around the block. Get a coffee. It will help your mind and body to refresh, recalibrate and focus.

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