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When Ignorance is Bliss

February 25, 2013

Daily ReadWhen Ignorance is Bliss

Under most circumstances in business, intelligence, an in depth understanding of techniques, tools and your industry is crucial to your fast paced growth and success. But there is a time in the life of your business that ignorance is bliss. When you’re starting up, forget cramming to learn your new industry inside and out – ignorance makes you more creative, unique, and effective. Here’s why it pays to know as little as possible.

You’re willing to take bigger risks, with bigger rewards. A little knowledge can make you cautious–and hold you back. When you go into something new without lots of knowledge about who was there before, you aren’t held back by the way it was approached before–by the standard way of doing things. That opens you up to greater possibilities.

You bring fresh eyes. If you have no experience in a space, you create new approaches to a problem that others might not have considered. You may bring something from another industry or experience to your current situation that is more appropriate.

You ask stupid questions. Entrepreneurs who are new to a space ask questions to try to understand it. By having this outsider view, they can see gaps and opportunities others “on the inside” don’t see.

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