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To Thrive During Tough Times, You Need a Plan

February 27, 2013

Daily ReadTo Thrive During Tough Times, You Need a Plan

We all eventually face challenges whether they are financial, relating to the economy or how to stay relevant in the marketplace. However, few leaders have a plan of how to thrive and grow in difficult situations. When the idea of emotional or professional challenges is pushed under the rug and left unaddressed it can create feelings of self-doubt. If we address the challenges we could ultimately face, opportunities can emerge and we as leaders can flourish. Here are three tips on handle to face and handle mental and emotional challenges:

  1. Build self-awareness. Every leader faces constant struggles.  To become aware of your fears, look for signs of resistance or displaced anger. You might be procrastinating on a decision, arguing without listening to the other side, or lashing out at your family. Ask yourself what do I fear will happen?
  2. Trust your ability to learn. Those who conquer challenges most effectively hold a firm belief that they can learn and grow, adapting to handle any situation. They disregard the idea of innate talent in favor of hard work and hunger to learn. That attitude helps them handle tough challenges in stride.
  3. Be ready to reinvent yourself. Struggles are moments that demand change, so any good leader must be adaptable in order to persevere. In order to thrive, you may have to make significant changes to your leadership style or your business.

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