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Are You a Super Achiever? Glean the Best from the Best

March 5, 2013

Daily Read – Are You a Super Achiever? Glean the Best from the Best

Whether you are a super achiever or not, you still have a million responsibilities you must tend to and high-reaching goals you would like to achieve. You may watch or read in awestruck wonder at the achievements some entrepreneurs are able to accomplish, but there are strategies that all these super achievers employ that us mere mortals can also use to become more successful.

  1. Brutal Self-Criticism. Encountering obstacles makes many of us carp, complain and blame circumstance. On good days, perhaps we knuckle down and work harder. Super achievers react to setbacks with rigorous self-examination. Often times questioning every aspect of their approach.
  2. Don’t Go It Alone. You may think over-achievers are loners, but in reality they have a strong network of people supporting them and their dreams.
  3. Happiness Isn’t An Extra. Happiness isn’t something you pursue on the side in addition to your primary accomplishments if you’re a super achievers; it’s something that’s deeply woven into and integral to your success.

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