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Get Noticed!

March 8, 2013

Daily Read – Get Noticed!

Sure, some folks just naturally shine in the workplace, but most people struggle with self-promotion.  Effective self-promotion lies somewhere between being a wallflower and a flaming narcissist.  Find the sweet spot with these tips.

Let your results speak for you. People care about what you’ve done, not what you’re going to do. There is nothing quite like good old-fashioned results to get people’s attention. Accomplishing something of value is how you earn the right to promote yourself.

Promote others. The more you talk about other people and their successes, the more confident and connected to you they feel, and the more they endorse you.

Talk about what you believe. Talking about what you believe gives a nod to your accomplishments without explicitly saying what they are. If people are really interested, they’ll ask.

Admit your failures. Admitting failure is a sign of vulnerability, which is one of the greatest leadership skills there is. Failure humanizes the path to success.  Logic and intellectualization can only get you so far. Authenticity and a little humility can take you farther.

Decide what you want to be known for. Hone the skills that differentiate you from the pack, then let others brag on you. Your job is to figure out your super power–what sets you apart–and do it better than anyone else. If you’re really good at something, people will flock to you for that skill.

Put yourself out there. Sometimes you do have to brag a little. If you do something really great, talk about it. Just talk about it to the right people and make sure it is, in fact, remarkable.

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