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Surround Yourself with Superstars

March 11, 2013

Daily ReadSurround Yourself with Superstars

Whether you’re in startup mode or a more mature organization it can be quite a challenge creating a team of the right mix of people to take your company to the next level.  Should you hire people with lots of experience or fresh out of college? Follow these five tips to form a superstar team:

  1. Realize there is no such thing as a perfect team. What works for one company may not work for the next. Focus on building the best team for your current goals. If you’re trying to find customers – focus on marketing, etc. The key is to find a team member that matches your company’s roadmap.
  2. Invest in ‘students.’ Hire people who are dedicated to learning – for instance, a less experienced marketer with an urge to learn over a marketer with decades of experience who is stuck in one channel.
  3. Look for employees who are strategic and tactical.  Someone who is tactical with no urge to think about the future, or those who are just strategic with no ability to jump in the trenches is not as productive as an employee invested in both current campaigns and longer-range plans.
  4. Always hire for culture fit over skill. Culture clashes can lead to negativity, lack of respect for processes, turf wars, silos and friction about the current plan.
  5. Plan for the next big challenge. Ask yourself; is there a competitive advantage you’re seeking with a new product? How can you staff the team to help bring the product to market? Will you be acquiring companies? If so, what skills will you need to hit the ground running?

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