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Competition – Make it Inspiring and Productive

March 12, 2013

Daily Read – Competition – Make it Inspiring and Productive

The famous rivalry between Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse shows us how competition can be both inspiring and productive. It’s true, having a competitor looming over your shoulder, can make you angry and frustrated, but it also creates an environment of excitement and challenge. Here’s what leaders can learn from a great rivalry:

  1. Competition mutes critics and builds courage. There will always be critics of your work, and this is a time you can glean inspiration and courage from your competition, supplying you with focus and the audacity to try new daring things.
  2. Competition helps us find faults. Having a competitor causes us to carefully study their work and find faults, missteps, and errors. Smart leaders learn from these mistakes and take care not to replicate them.
  3. Competition increases productivity and encourages new ideas. Rivalries, though frustrating, raise the bar and make you work harder, smarter, and faster.
  4. Competition can end in respect, not anger. Rivalries aren’t necessarily grudge matches that end with one winner or loser. Most of the time, rivalries make winners of both parties. Rivalries can create contention, frustration, and anger, but they don’t need to end into hatred.

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