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A Title Means Nothing without the Skills

March 13, 2013

Daily ReadA Title Means Nothing without the Skills

A great leader can propel a company from fledgling to amazing growth and the leadership skills that impressive leaders possess do not necessarily come from being the best at your trade. You can be a great leader and mentor if have the following skills that trump all others. Be….

  1. Engaging. You may not have the knowledge of every details of the construction or servicing of a product, but you need to know how to manage the people who do.  Learn your employee’s strengths and weaknesses and deal with your employees in a way that is personable and humorous, but never disrespectful or derogatory.
  2. Encouraging. The natural follow-up to engaging your employees is inspiring them . This includes be open for discussion, honesty and sincere encouragement.
  3. Enforcing. Eventually a dead line doesn’t get met and someone will be in the hot seat. But if you have developed an engaging, encouraging relationship with your employees, they will want to please you. Being firm and insisting on performance and timeliness does not mean being disrespectful and chastising.

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