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Put Your Best (On-line) Foot Forward

March 15, 2013

Daily ReadPut Your Best (On-line) Foot Forward

Curate – to create the perfect experience for a patron; is usually associated with museums. But in today’s world, where the Web is a one-stop shop for people who want to learn about you, you want to curate yourself.  Make sure they find the best, most accurate and current information about you as possible with these tips:

Decide what defines you. What should people know about you? Maybe it’s just the based-in-fact basics, your profession expertise in a field or industry or your passions or hobbies. Once you decide make sure everything you do online reinforces how you want to be known.

Embrace the Big Three. LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.  Actively reaching out to others and building your connections says you’re smart about networking. Make sure your profiles align with your communication goals.

Explore other options. Use good judgment but invest some time in developing yourself on other sites; there is no shortage from which to pick. It’s cheap, easy, and effective to buy your own Web domain. And it’s even simpler to point a blog you establish to that domain name. WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr are good choices.

Final word… Once you’re up and running, update, update, update! Current content is king when it comes to your search results.

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