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The High Price of Mediocre Employees

March 16, 2013

Daily Read – The High Price of Mediocre Employees

Superstar employees can send your productivity through the roof just as mediocre employees can take your business down (or at least take years away from where you should be). You may think to yourself “these mediocre employees do an okay job and there’s really no reason to fire them”, but they can damage your company by

1. Hiring more mediocre employees (or worse) or

2. Causing your top producing, superstar employees to leave because they don’t want to work on a non-productive (or slow to produce) team.

What are your choices if you have a handful of mediocre employees? Train, coach and mentor them to superstar status or cut them loose. The last thing you want to do is look back and think about where your business “could have” been.

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