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You Stink at Something

March 18, 2013


Daily Read – You Stink at Something

Want to Grow Your Business?  Stop telling yourself that no one can do things as well as you can. You’re wrong, and it’s impeding your growth.  The problem isn’t finding people who are as capable as you. The problem is figuring out how to let go—and how to get your ego out of the way. Learning to let go takes time. Here are a few basic rules of hiring:

  1. Never hire a “Mini-Me”.You will simply never find anyone who does what you do best the way you do it. Instead, hire people with complementary skills.
  2. Know your weaknesses. Entrepreneurs often feel they can be great at many things and use common sense for the rest. This only goes so far. The truth is – you stink at something! A huge part of effectively growing past your own capacity is take a realistic look at not what you do best, but what you do worst. Armed with this self-awareness, you can search for people with specific skills.
  3. Empower and engage. Do not micromanage unless you believe there is a problem. Make yourself available and if a problem does arise, avoid biting people’s heads off.

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