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Burnout is not just for college students

March 20, 2013

Daily ReadBurnout is not just for college students

Whether you own your own business or are an entry level manager, success can take a Herculean effort that often leads to isolation, indecision, loss of confidence and exhaustion. Preventing burnout before it starts will strengthen your business and help you build a lasting career. Here’s how:

  1. Empower your employees.  Fear of failure can lead to micromanagement and eventually lack of employee effort, leaving their leaders to push the company forward alone. Instead, inspire your employees to buy into the full scope of your vision – your enthusiasm will rub off on them, they’ll bring more innovative ideas and buy into the success of the business.
  2.  Bolster your confidence. Great leaders build confidence by learning how to learn on the job, a skill that empowers them to meet any demand that arises. Ask for advice or feedback whenever you feel unsure.
  3. Make your wellbeing a priority. That means eating well, exercising, sleeping at least six hours every night, and spending time with friends and family who support you.

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