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What’s Your Style?

March 25, 2013

Daily ReadWhat’s Your Style?

We’re not talking about preppy or wild, we’re talking about your work style. We’ve all got one and once you know how you (and your employees) work best, you can assign tasks accordingly and see your productivity and happiness sore. You may feel like you work all the time, but your co-worker thinks you’re barely working. There’s a reason – you two probably have different work styles. So what’s your style?

Doing. Doers execute. They come alive when tasks are complete, lists are checked, or projects are tackled. They typically have intense focus and are detailed in their efforts. Doers tend to devalue the importance of planning.

Leading. Leaders create the vision and inspire others to believe in it. You can’t help but listen to, admire, and follow the Leaders. Leaders can be detached from others, not completely understanding all that goes into executing their vision.

Loving. Lovers are relationship-builders who tend to be sensitive and empathic. Believing that we’re stronger together, they thrive in harmony and work hard to manage relationships and build consensus. Lovers are not as detail-oriented and may lack follow-through.

Learning. Learners are the researchers. These engineer types love learning and meticulously understanding the nuances of a problem. They are deliberate, disciplined, and tend to think more strategically than most people. Learners need others to actually help execute their strategies and problem solving.

The best teams and organizations have a blend of all four and embrace a well-balanced diversified environment that supports and builds on each other’s strengths.

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