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What’s Your Story?

March 26, 2013

Daily ReadWhat’s Your Story?

The history of your career helps enlighten you and  pave the way you want to move with your career, what goals you want to achieve and even if you want to make a career change. But, change can be difficult and the direction we want to take is sometimes quite unclear. However, some people in the midst of significant transitions are able to make effective use of contacts and successfully enlist supporters. How? They have created a good story!

Why You Need a Story

All of us tell stories about ourselves. Stories define us our- trials, turning points, tests. Seldom is a good story so needed, though, as when a major change of professional direction is under way.  Telling a compelling story to coworkers, bosses, friends, or family inspires belief in our motives, character, and capacity to reach the goals we’ve set; in ourselves and others.

Not Just the Facts

A good story, then, is essential for making a successful transition, but we don’t want to tell just the facts (born in #, first job y, moved to z, etc.) rather, we’re talking about accounts that are deeply true and so engaging that listeners feel they have a stake in our success. You want to craft a story, that renders career facts meaningful, gives promise of a third act in which achieving a goal (getting a job, for instance) would resolve the drama. The idea is to create a compelling story that lends meaning, unity, and purpose to your life and inspires those around you to want to help you achieve the fairy-tail ending.

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