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Make Your Brain Work Better: Be Happy!

March 30, 2013

Daily ReadMake Your Brain Work Better: Be Happy!

We should think of happiness as a source of success, rather than thinking of success as the source of happiness–and one that’s more under our control than we imagine. Many entrepreneurs are strivers – setting goals, battling to meet them and believing at that point they will be satisfied, even happy.  But, as commonsensical as this tendency to chase achievement in order to attain greater happiness may sound, it’s actually got the equation reversed (Harvard researchers found!). So, what do we do?

Reverse the Happiness-Success formula. Every time you have success, your brain changes what success means. So you never actually feel fully happy by reaching your goal. Instead, you need to increase your level of happiness in the midst of your challenge, and you will find your success rate actually increases. Dramatically.

Why Should You Change? Your brain actually functions better when you have a positive outlook than when you’re feeling down. A sunny outlook allows you to be more creative, perceive more possibilities, connect with people and manage stress better. Think of the feeling on the first beautiful spring day – warm air, top down, tunes cranked – you are pumped and you feel like you could accomplish anything!

Change Is Easier Than You Think. Most people don’t think you can change decades of pessimism, but it’s actually easier than you think. Simply write down 3 things you are grateful for each day, for 21 days. You will be amazed how much your outlook has changed.

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