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Tame Your Inbox

April 3, 2013

Daily ReadTame Your Inbox

No matter how often you seem to clear your inbox, within days it’s filled with hundreds of emails again! Some are important, some are not, so the quicker you handle them, the more productive you can be. Be careful not to use your inbox as a revolving to-do list, instead, each email should be considered a decision – handle it, delete it or archive it. Here are some quick tips how:

  1. Disable notifications.
    The first step to taking control of your inbox is to disable the notifications that interrupt and distract your day.
  2. Unsubscribe from junk emails.
  3. Learn how to search email. Important message seem to hide from you when you go looking for them. Learn to use search tools like “has: attachment”, files sent “before” a certain date and “filename”.
  4. Adopt an archive mentality. To best manage your inbox, archive messages you no longer have an immediate need for to another folder. Under this system, only two types of messages stay in your inbox: messages that you haven’t read yet and a small number of messages that need prompt attention.
  5. Clean out older messages. After you have a system in place to effectively handle new emails, it’s time to clean up the emails that were in your inbox before you started.

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